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Synthesis, DNA Photocleavage and Singlet Oxygen Measurement of Cationic Bisporphyrins
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 Title & Authors
Synthesis, DNA Photocleavage and Singlet Oxygen Measurement of Cationic Bisporphyrins
Wang, Kai; Jin, Qi; Zhang, Xiulan; Song, Shuai-Hua;
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With -- as a linker, a non -substituted cationic bisporphyrin (4a) and a -substituted cationic bisporphyrin (4b) were prepared through methylation of the intermediate which was obtained from -amino-5,10,15,20-tetra (4-cyanophenyl) porphyrin or 5-hydroxylphenyl-10,15,20-tris(4-cyanophenyl) reacting with 5-hydroxy-10,15,20-trispyridinylporphyrin. Their structures were confirmed by NMR, IR, UV-vis, MS and elemental analysis. DNA photocleavage ability and the singlet oxygen ability of those cationic bisporphyrins were investigated. DNA photocleavage activity of -substituted cationic bisporphyrin was significantly weaker than that of , but similar to that of non -substituted cationic bisporphyrin. While 4a and 4b showed substantial photocleavage activities toward DNA, with 68% and 66% observed at 10 . The assessment of indirectly measured production rates against were described and the relative singlet oxygen production yields were: free cationic bisporphyrins > . The results showed the cationic bisporphyrins with -substitution and non -substitution could be developed as potential photodynamic agents.
Cationic bisporphyrin;DNA photocleavage;Singlet oxygen;Photosensitizer;
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