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Application of Pine Peroxidase to the Amperometric Determination of Hydrogen Peroxidase
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 Title & Authors
Application of Pine Peroxidase to the Amperometric Determination of Hydrogen Peroxidase
Yoon, Kil-Joong;
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A pine needle-embedded graphite enzyme electrode, of which bonding agent is CSM rubber, was newly designed and its electrochemistry was studied based on the amperometry. It involved a ground green leaves of pine tree as a zymogen together with electrochemical mediator, ferrocene within the paste. The plots of ln() vs. and Lineweaver-Burk at the low potential (-100 to -500 mV) showed good linearities indicating that the amperometric response is by the catalytic power of pine peroxidase. Electrochemical parameters obtained, symmetry factor (, 0.17), limiting current (, 1.99 ), exchange current density (, ), Michaelis constant (, M) and many others showed that pine peroxidase discharges the role of catalyst quantitatively on the electrode surface. Those proved that the practical use of pine peroxidase is promising in place of the marketed.
Enzyme electrode;Pine peroxidase;Hydrogen peroxide;Mediator;
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