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Polycyclotriphosphazene Derivative Grafted and NanometerY2O3 Doped SPEEK Composite Membrane for DMFC
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 Title & Authors
Polycyclotriphosphazene Derivative Grafted and NanometerY2O3 Doped SPEEK Composite Membrane for DMFC
Li, Xia; Guo, Qiang; Zhang, Tianjiao; Qian, Junzhi; Tan, Xiaolin;
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A type of polycyclotriphosphazene derivative (PCTPD), hexasulfanilic acid polycyclotriphosphazene (HSACP) and HSACP grafting SPEEK, sulfonated poly[2-(petachloropolycyclotriphosphazene-oxy)] etheretherketone (SPPSACPEEK) were synthesized, which were characterized by FTIR and NMR. Then three types of composite membranes such as HSACP grafting SPEEK, HSACP blending SPEEK, and nano doping and HSACP grafting SPEEK, respectively, were continuously prepared by solution-casting method. Comparing to SPEEK membranes with different amount of HSACP grafted or blended, grafting 15 wt% HSACP and doping 10 wt% nano SPEEK membrane conducted outstanding overall behavior of proton conductivity reaching S/cm at which was merely junior to SPEEK with 15 wt% HSACP grafted, methanol permeability coefficient getting , swelling degree of 20.9% and solid residue of 98.98% which was superior to all specimen.
Polymer membranes;SPEEK;Polycyclotriphosphazene derivative;;
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