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Synthesis of Novel Pyrazolines of Medicinal Interest
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 Title & Authors
Synthesis of Novel Pyrazolines of Medicinal Interest
Gol, Ravindra M.; Khokhani, Kamlesh M.; Khatri, Taslimahemad T.; Bhatt, Jyotindra J.;
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Different pyrazoline derivatives (6a-h and 7a-h) were synthesized by cyclization of substituted chalcones with hydrazine hydrate in acidic as well as basic conditions. Both the reactions were performed under conventional heating and microwave irradiation and percentage yields were compared. All the reactions were accelerated in acidic and basic conditions under microwave irradiation, with higher yields. All the synthesized compounds were characterized by their spectral study (IR, MS, and NMR) and were tested for their antibacterial and antifungal activity. The compounds 6g and 7g exhibited significant activity against S. aureu, 7g against E. faecalis, 6b and 7b against E. coli and 6b, 6c, 7b, 7c against S. typhi. The compounds 6d and 7d exhibited significant activity against C. albicans and 6c against M. luteus. Rest of the synthesized compounds showed moderate to poor activity against tested species with compared to standard.
Microwave irradiation;Chalcones;Pyrazolines;Antimicrobial activity;
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