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Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembled Multilayer Film Composed of Polyaniline, Graphene Oxide, and Phytic Acid for Supercapacitor Application
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 Title & Authors
Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembled Multilayer Film Composed of Polyaniline, Graphene Oxide, and Phytic Acid for Supercapacitor Application
Lee, Myungsup; Hong, Jong-Dal;
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This article describes synthesis and electrochemical properties of layer-by-layer self-assembled multilayer film composed of polyaniline (PANi), graphene oxide (GO) and phytic acid (PA), whereby the GO was electrochemically reduced to ERGO, resulting in film electrode. Especially, we examined the possibility to improve the volumetric capacitive property of film electrode via combining a spherical hexakisphosphate PA nanoparticle into the multilayer film that would dope PANi properly and also increase the porosity and surface area of the electrode. The electrochemical performances of the multilayer film electrodes were investigated using a three-electrode configuration in 1 M electrolyte. As a result, the electrode showed the volumetric capacitance of at a current density of , which was improved to the volumetric capacitance of for the electrode, in addition to the cycling stability maintained to 79.3% of initial capacitance after 1000 cycles. Thus, the electrochemical characteristics of the electrode, which was densely packed by stacking between the electron-rich conjugate components, could have been improved through structural modification of the multilayer film via combining a spherical hexakisphosphate PA nanoparticle into the multilayer film.
Supercapacitor;Layer-by-layer self-assembly;Tetra-layered film;Chemical reduction;Ultrathin film fabrication;
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