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Synthesis of Polyamine Grafted Chitosan Copolymer and Evaluation of Its Corrosion Inhibition Performance
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 Title & Authors
Synthesis of Polyamine Grafted Chitosan Copolymer and Evaluation of Its Corrosion Inhibition Performance
Li, Heping; Li, Hui; Liu, Yi; Huang, Xiaohua;
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Two new chitosan derivatives, polyamine grafted chitosan copolymers have been synthesized for corrosion protection of carbon steel in acidic medium. First, methyl acrylate graft chitosan copolymer (CS-MAA) was prepared by the reaction of chitosan (CS) and methyl acrylate (MAA) via the Michael addition reaction. Then, CS-MAA was reacted with ethylene diamine (EN) and triethylene tetramine (TN) respectively to synthesize ethylene diamine grafted chitosan copolymer (CS-MAA-EN) and triethylene tetramine grafted chitosan copolymer (CS-MAA-TN), and the structures were characterized by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR). At last, the corrosion inhibition activities on Q235 carbon steel were investigated by using gravimetric measurements, metallographic microscope, potentiodynamic polarization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements. The compounds CS-MAA-EN and CS-MAA-TN show an appreciable corrosion inhibition property against corrosion of Q235 carbon steel in 5% HCl solution at . It has been observed that CS-MAA-EN shows greater corrosion inhibition efficiency than CS-MAA-TN. The inhibition efficiency of CS-MAA-EN was close to 90% when the mass fraction concentration was 0.2%~0.3%; the inhibition efficiency of CS-MAA-TN was close to 85% when the mass fraction concentration was 0.02%. The present work provided very promising results in the preparation of green corrosion inhibitors.
Polyamine grafted chitosan copolymer;Synthesis;Electro-chemical study;Corrosion inhibition;
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