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Large-Scale Synthesis of Plate-Type ZnO Crystal with High Photocatalytic Activity
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 Title & Authors
Large-Scale Synthesis of Plate-Type ZnO Crystal with High Photocatalytic Activity
Kim, Da-Jung; Kim, Bo-Mi; Joe, Ara; Shim, Kyu-Dong; Han, Hyo-Won; Noh, Gyung-Hyun; Jang, Eue-Soon;
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ZnO nanoplates were prepared by seed-mediated soft-solution process. Photocatalytic property of ZnO nanoplates was superior to that of conventional ZnO nanoparticles owing to the enhanced (0001) plane with large defect sites. In addition, we found that silica coating method could provide to reduce cytotoxicity of ZnO nanoplates. Finally, we have successfully synthesized for the first time large-scale synthesis of plate-type ZnO as few hundreds gram scale for industrial applications through controlling various reagents of growth solution.
Seed-mediated soft-solution process;ZnO nanoplates;Photocatalyst;Cytotoxicity;Large-scale synthesis;
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