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Development of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes Using Dipole-dipole Interaction for Fuel Cell Applications
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 Title & Authors
Development of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes Using Dipole-dipole Interaction for Fuel Cell Applications
Won, Mihee; Kwon, Sohyun; Kim, Tae-Hyun;
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Proton exchange membrane (PEM), which transfers proton from the anode to the cathode, is the key component of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). Nafion is widely used as PEM due to its high proton conductivity as well as excellent chemical and physical stabilities. However, its high cost and the environmental hazards limit the commercial application in PEMFCs. To overcome these disadvantages, various alternative polymer electrolytes have been investigated for fuel cell applications. We used densely sulfonated polymers to maximize the ion conductivity of the corresponding membrane. To overcome high swelling, dipole-dipole interaction was used by introducing nitrile groups into the polymer backbone. As a result, physically-crosslinked membranes showed improved swelling ratio despite of high water uptake. All the membranes with different hydrophilic-hydrophobic compositions showed higher conductivity, despite their lower IEC, than that of Nafion-117.
Fuel cell, Polymer electrolyte membrane;Conductivity;Physical crosslinking;Dipole-dipole interaction;
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