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Preparation of (S)-(+)-Pranidipine by Optical Resolution
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 Title & Authors
Preparation of (S)-(+)-Pranidipine by Optical Resolution
Baek, Du-Jong; Yoon, Ji Hye; Kim, Moon-Sik;
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In this study, the effective preparation method of (S)-(+)-pranidipine, the active component of antihypertensive drug as a calcium channel blocker, was developed using optical resolution. The racemic monocarboxylic acid 5 obtained by the hydrolysis of (±)-pranidipine was mixed with optically active quinidine to form salts, and the insoluble diastereomeric salt was collected and successive treatment with base and acid furnished (R)-(-)-carboxylic acid 7. (S)-(+)-Pranidipine was prepared by esterification of this acid with cinnamyl alcohol, and the analysis by chiral HPLC showed 100% enantiomeric excess (ee). This process would be industrially very useful to prepare chiral (S)-(+)-pranidipine, since the use of strong base and anhydrous solvents, and ultra-low temperature condition were excluded in this process.
(S)-(+)-Pranidipine;Calcium channel blocker;Antihypertensive drug;Optical resolution;Enantiomeric excess;
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