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Synthesis of Some Novel Thiazolyl - Azetidinone Hybrids
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 Title & Authors
Synthesis of Some Novel Thiazolyl - Azetidinone Hybrids
Ahn, Chuljin; Hegde, Hemant; Shetty, Nitinkumar S.;
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A new series of hydrazino thiazolyl-2-azetidinone 4(a-i) derivatives were synthesized efficiently using benzylidene hydrazinyl thiazole derivatives 3(a-i). The precursors, benzylidene hydrazinyl thiazoles were prepared by reacting 4-fluoro phenacyl bromide with thiosemicarbazones 2(a-i). All the structures of the synthesized compounds were ascertained by IR, NMR and mass spectral analysis.
Azetidinone;Benzylidene hydrazinyl thiazole;4-Flouro phenacyl bromide;Thiosemicarbazone;
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