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Integrated Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for Driving Motor of In-wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehicle
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 Title & Authors
Integrated Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for Driving Motor of In-wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehicle
Jeon, Namju; Lee, Hyeongcheol;
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This paper presents an integrated fault diagnosis algorithm for driving motor of In-wheel independent drive electric vehicle. Especially, this paper proposes a method that integrated the high level fault diagnosis and the low level fault diagnosis in order to improve a robustness and performance of the fault diagnosis system. The high level fault diagnosis is performed using the vehicle dynamics analysis and the low level fault diagnosis is carried using the motor system analysis. The validity of the high level fault diagnosis algorithms was verified through and MATLAB/ cosimulation and the low level fault diagnosis`s validity was shown by applying it to a MATLAB/ interior permanent magnet synchronous motor control system. Finally, this paper presents a fault diagnosis strategy by combining the high level fault diagnosis and the low level fault diagnosis.
High level fault diagnosis;Low level fault diagnosis;Integrated fault diagnosis;Residual;Fault table;Fault detection flag;
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