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A Task Scheduling Strategy in a Multi-core Processor for Visual Object Tracking Systems
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A Task Scheduling Strategy in a Multi-core Processor for Visual Object Tracking Systems
Lee, Minchae; Jang, Chulhoon; Sunwoo, Myoungho;
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The camera based object detection systems should satisfy the recognition performance as well as real-time constraints. Particularly, in safety-critical systems such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), the real-time constraints significantly affects the system performance. Recently, multi-core processors and system-on-chip technologies are widely used to accelerate the object detection algorithm by distributing computational loads. However, due to the advanced hardware, the complexity of system architecture is increased even though additional hardwares improve the real-time performance. The increased complexity also cause difficulty in migration of existing algorithms and development of new algorithms. In this paper, to improve real-time performance and design complexity, a task scheduling strategy is proposed for visual object tracking systems. The real-time performance of the vision algorithm is increased by applying pipelining to task scheduling in a multi-core processor. Finally, the proposed task scheduling algorithm is applied to crosswalk detection and tracking system to prove the effectiveness of the proposed strategy.
Vision system;Object tracking;Task scheduling;Multi-processor;
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임베디드 환경에서 실시간 가상 터치 인식 시스템의 구현,권순각;이동석;

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