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Characteristics of Simultaneous Removal of NOx and PM over a Hybrid System of LNT/DPF + SCR/DPF in a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics of Simultaneous Removal of NOx and PM over a Hybrid System of LNT/DPF + SCR/DPF in a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
Kang, Wooseok; Park, Su Han; Choi, Byungchul;
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The market demand for diesel engine tends to increase in general passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles because of its advantages. However, to meet the vehicle emissions regulation which will be more stringent in the future, it is necessary to plurally apply all after-treatment technologies such as diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), catalyzed diesel particulate filter (CDPF), lean NOx trap (LNT) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR), and so on. Accordingly, the exhaust after-treatment system for diesel vehicle requires the technology of minimizing the numbers of catalysts by integrating every individual catalysts. The purposes of this study is to develop hybrid exhaust after-treatment device system which simultaneously uses LNT/DPF and SCR/DPF catalyst concurrently reducing NOx and particulate matter (PM). As the results, the hybrid system with generated at LNT/DPF working as a reducing agent of SCR/DPF catalyst, improving NOx conversion rate, was found to be more excellent in de-NOx performance than that in LNT/DPF alone system.
Catalyst;After-treatment system;SCR;DPF;LNT;
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