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Comparison of Performance between Symmetric Trapezoidal Fins and Asymmetric Trapezoidal Fins
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of Performance between Symmetric Trapezoidal Fins and Asymmetric Trapezoidal Fins
Kang, Hyungsuk;
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Heat loss and fin efficiency of symmetric and asymmetric trapezoidal fins with variable slope of fin`s top surface are obtained by using a two-dimensional analytic method. Shapes of symmetric and asymmetric fins are changed from rectangular through trapezoidal to triangular by adjusting the fin shape factor. The ratio of symmetric trapezoidal fin length to asymmetric trapezoidal fin length is presented as a function of fin base height and convection characteristic number. The ratio of symmetric trapezoidal fin efficiency to asymmetric trapezoidal fin efficiency is presented as a function of the fin base height and fin shape factor. One of results shows that asymmetric trapezoidal fin length is shorter than symmetric trapezoidal fin length (i.e., asymmetric trapezoidal fin volume is smaller than symmetric trapezoidal fin volume) for the same heat loss when the fin base height and fin shape factor are the same.
Symmetric trapezoidal fin;Asymmetric trapezoidal fin;Convection characteristic number;Fin shape factor;Fin efficiency;
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