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QTL Mapping of Resistance to Gray Leaf Spot in Ryegrass: Consistency of QTL between Two Mapping Populations
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 Title & Authors
QTL Mapping of Resistance to Gray Leaf Spot in Ryegrass: Consistency of QTL between Two Mapping Populations
Curley, J.; Chakraborty, N.; Chang, S.; Jung, G.;
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Gray leaf spot (GLS) is a serious fungal disease caused by Pyricularia oryzae Cavara, recently reported on the important turf and forage species, perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenneL.). This fungus also causes rice blast, which is usually controlled by host resistance, but durability of resistance is a problem. Few instances of GLS resistance have been reported in perennial ryegrass. However, two major QTL for GLS resistance have been detected on linkage groups 3 and 6 in an Italian x perennial ryegrass mapping population. To confirm that those QTL are still detectable in the next generation and can function in a different genetic background, a resistant segregant from this population has been crossed with an unrelated susceptible perennial clone, to form a new mapping population segregating for GLS resistance. QTL analysis has been performed in the new population, using two different ryegrass field isolates and RAPD, RFLP, and SSR marker-based linkage maps for each parent. Results indicate the previously identified QTL on linkage group 3 is still significant in the new population, with LOD and percent of phenotypic variance explained ranging from 2.0 to 3.5 and 5% to 10%, respectively. Also two QTL were detected in the susceptible parent, with similar LOD and phenotypic variance explained. Although the linkage group 6 QTL was not detected, the major QTL on linkage group 3 appears to beconfirmed. These results will add to our understanding of the genetic architecture of GLS resistance in ryegrass, which will facilitate its use in perennial ryegrass breeding programs.
GLS;gray leaf spot;LOD;logarithm of odds;QTL;quantitative trait loci;
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