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Properties of Brightest Cluster Galaxies as a Function of Cluster Classification Type
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 Title & Authors
Properties of Brightest Cluster Galaxies as a Function of Cluster Classification Type
Eom, Heungjin; Shim, Hyunjin;
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We classified Abell clusters using the magnitude differences between two or three bright member galaxies and investigated how such classification was correlated with the properties of brightest cluster galaxies (BCGs). S-type BCGs being clearly brighter than the rest of the member galaxies were likely to be red, luminous, and evolved as early type galaxies. On the other hand, T-type BCGs being not dominant at all were less luminous than early type galaxies. A small fraction of BCGs was currently forming stars, and all of the star-forming BCGs were T-type BCGs. Active galactic nuclei were most frequent for S-type BCGs. Through these quantitative analyses of the BCG properties, we discussed the possible scenario of BCG formation and the differences between S-type and T-type of BCGs.
galaxy clusters;brightest cluster galaxy;galaxy evolution;
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