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Application of 10Be Dating Technique for Marine Terrace Studies and Its Limitations
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 Title & Authors
Application of 10Be Dating Technique for Marine Terrace Studies and Its Limitations
Shin, Jae-Ryul;
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Although Quaternary marine terraces and onshore paleo-shoreline records provide clues to our understanding for the mode and nature of neotectonics in the Korean peninsula, it cannot be accomplished without knowledge on both independent information of the past sea level records and tectonic deformation field together with precise results of numerical dating for higher terraces. This study reported cosmogenic radionuclides () dating results conducted in higher terraces in the eastern and western coasts of the Korean peninsula. As a result, the measured concentration ratio of and the exposure ages were much younger than expected. It implies that either there is possibility of error in experimental processes or the samples experienced a complex exposure history probably included a burial at some stage. Considering the past climatic conditions around the Korean peninsula and a possible complex exposure history after the emergence of marine terrace, the discovery of a suitable study area and a sampling site are an essential part of successful dating technique.
Quaternary marine terrace;cosmogenic radionuclides;;exposure age;
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