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Hole-filling Algorithm Based on Extrapolating Spatial-Temporal Background Information for View Synthesis in Free Viewpoint Television
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  • Journal title : Journal of IKEEE
  • Volume 20, Issue 1,  2016, pp.31-44
  • Publisher : Institude of Korean Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • DOI : 10.7471/ikeee.2016.20.1.031
 Title & Authors
Hole-filling Algorithm Based on Extrapolating Spatial-Temporal Background Information for View Synthesis in Free Viewpoint Television
Kim, Beomsu; Nguyen, Tien-Dat; Hong, Min-cheol;
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This paper presents a hole-filling algorithm based on extrapolating spatial-temporal background information used in view synthesis for free-viewpoint television. A new background codebook is constructed and updated in order to extract reliable temporal background information. In addition, an estimation of spatial local background values is conducted to discriminate an adaptive boundary between the background region and the foreground region as well as to update the information about the hole region. The holes then are filled by combining the spatial background information and the temporal background information. In addition, an exemplar-based inpainting technique is used to fill the rest of holes, in which a priority function using background-depth information is defined to determine the order in which the holes are filled. The experimental results demonstrated that the proposed algorithm outperformed the other comparative methods about average 0.3-0.6 dB, and that it synthesized satisfactory views regardless of video characteristics and type of hole region.
hole-filling;spatial-temporal background information;background codebook;priority function;DIBR;View Synthesis;
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