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A Study On Hardware Design for High Speed High Precision Neutron Measurement
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  • Journal title : Journal of IKEEE
  • Volume 20, Issue 1,  2016, pp.61-67
  • Publisher : Institude of Korean Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • DOI : 10.7471/ikeee.2016.20.1.061
 Title & Authors
A Study On Hardware Design for High Speed High Precision Neutron Measurement
Jang, Kyeong-Uk; Lee, Joo-Hyun; Lee, Seung-Ho;
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In this paper, a hardware design method is proposed for high speed high precision neutron radiation measurements. Our system is fabricated to use a high performance A/D Converter for digital data conversion of high precision and high speed analog signals. Using a neutron sensor, incident neutron radiation particles are detected; a precision microcurrent measurement module is also included: this module allows for more precise and rapid neutron radiation measurement design. The high speed high precision neutron measurement hardware system is composed of the neutron sensor, variable high voltage generator, microcurrent precision measurement component, embedded system, and display screen. The neutron sensor detects neutron radiation using high density polyethylene. The variable high voltage generator functions as a 0 ~ 2KV variable high voltage generator that is robust against heat and noise; this generator allows the neutron sensor to perform normally. The microcurrent precision measurement component employs a high performance A/D Converter to precisely and swiftly measure the high precision high speed microcurrent signal from the neutron sensor and to convert this analog signal into a digital one. The embedded system component performs multiple functions including neutron radiation measurement for high speed high precision neutron measurements, variable high voltage generator control, wired and wireless communications control, and data recording. Experiments using the proposed high speed high precision neutron measurement hardware shows that the hardware exhibits superior performance compared to that of conventional equipment with regard to measurement uncertainty, neutron measurement rate, accuracy, and neutron measurement range.
Neutron sensor;Radiation;Embedded system;High-density polyethylene;Variable high voltage generator;
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