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A simple guide to the structural study on membrane proteins in detergents using solution NMR
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 Title & Authors
A simple guide to the structural study on membrane proteins in detergents using solution NMR
Sim, Dae-Won; Lee, Yoo-sup; Seo, Min-Duk; Won, Hyung-Sik; Kim, Ji-hun;
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NMR-based structural studies on membrane proteins are appreciated quite challenging due to various reasons, generally including the narrow dispersion of NMR spectra, the severe peak broadening, and the lack of long range NOEs. In spite of the poor biophysical properties, structural studies on membrane proteins have got to go on, considering their functional importance in biological systems. In this review, we provide a simple overview of the techniques generally used in structural studies of membrane proteins by solution NMR, with experimental examples of a helical membrane protein, caveolin 3. Detergent screening is usually employed as the first step and the selection of appropriate detergent is the most important for successful approach to membrane proteins. Various tools can then be applied as specialized NMR techniques in solution that include sample deteuration, amino-acid selective isotope labeling, residual dipolar coupling, and paramagnetic relaxation enhancement.
NMR;membrane protein;detergent screening;deuteration;amino-acid selective isotope labeling;paramagnetic relaxation enhancement;residual dipolar coupling;
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