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Superhydrophilic Coating on Platinum Substrate by Sulfonic Self-Assembled Monolayer
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  • Journal title : Adhesion and Interface
  • Volume 16, Issue 4,  2015, pp.152-155
  • Publisher : The Society of Adhesion and Interface, Korea
  • DOI : 10.17702/jai.2015.16.4.152
 Title & Authors
Superhydrophilic Coating on Platinum Substrate by Sulfonic Self-Assembled Monolayer
Lee, Haesung; Lee, Haeshin;
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Platinum (Pt) is an easily moldable, anti-corrosive and also good catalyst in a variety of chemical reactions. Platinum can be used in many fields, however, however, the low wettability of platinum substrate in many platinum-based devices has been made a problem when they contact with liquid state environment. In this study, we report a simple and effective self-assembled monolayer coating method which provides tremendously increased wettability on platinum substrate device by using Sodium 3-mercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid solution. After surface modifications, water contact angle of the surfaces displayed less than , representing that surfaces are successfully coated to be super-hydrophilic surface by simple dip coating method.
Self-Assembled Monolayer;dip coating;superhydrophilic surface;
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