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Old Water Contributions to a Granitic Watershed, Dorim-cheon, Seoul
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 Title & Authors
Old Water Contributions to a Granitic Watershed, Dorim-cheon, Seoul
Kim, Hyerin; Cho, Sung-Hyun; Lee, Dongguen; Jung, Youn-Young; Kim, Young-Hee; Koh, Dong-Chan; Lee, Jeonghoon;
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It is reported that the intensity of rainfall will likely increase, on average, over the world on 2000. For water resources security, many studies for flow paths from rainfall or snowmelt to subsurface have been conducted. In Korea, few isotopic studies for characterizations of flow path have been undertaken. For a better understanding of how water derived from atmosphere moves to subsurface and from subsurface to stream, an analysis of precipitation and stream water using oxygen-18 and deuterium isotopes in a small watershed, Dorim-cheon, Seoul, was conducted with high resolution data. Variations of oxygen-18 in precipitation greater than 10‰ (δ18Omax
Hydrograph separation;Stable water isotopes;Granite region;Old water contribution;
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인공강우실험을 이용한 동위원소수문분리 및 각각의 추적자에 따른 의미,이정훈;

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