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Production Method of Biochar-bead from Biochar Powder and Its Application for the Removal of Heavy Metal
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 Title & Authors
Production Method of Biochar-bead from Biochar Powder and Its Application for the Removal of Heavy Metal
Choi, Yu-Lim; Roh, Hoon; Lee, Kyu-Beom; Shin, Bok-Su; Joo, Wan-Ho; Kim, Nam-Kook; Kim, Jin-Hong; Yang, Jae-Kyu; Reddy Koduru, Janardhan; Cho, Sung-Heui; Chang, Yoon-Young;
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In this study, biochar-bead, prepared from biochar powder derived from woody biomass, was used for removal cadmium ion in aqueous solution. Various mixing ratios of alginate solution and biochar powder were used for the production of round shape biochar-bead. An optimum mixing ratio was selected as 1.5% alginate solution and 20 wt% biochar. The produced biochar-bead was characterized by SEM, FT-IR, and XRD analyses. The adsorption capacity of Cd(II) by biochar-bead was found to be 9.72 mg/g which was higher than that by GAC and PAC. According to this study, round shape biochar-bead is expected to be used as a media for reactive barrier or water filtration.
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