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Evaluation of Intralimb Coordination in Transfemoral Amputee during Level Walking
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Intralimb Coordination in Transfemoral Amputee during Level Walking
Chang, Yoon-hee; Jeong, Bo-ra; Kang, Sung-jae; Ryu, Jei-cheong; Mun, Mu-seong; Ko, Chang-Yong;
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The aims of this study were to evaluate the joint coordination between hip and knee joints in the transfemoral amputees, and its symmetry between sound and prosthetic limbs. Seven transfemoral amputees (, , ) and 7 able bodies (, , ) participated in this study. They walked at a self-selected walking speed across a 10m level ground. Simultaneously angle and angular velocity in the hip and knee joint were measured by motion analysis system. Then continuos relative phase(CRP), standard deviations of CRP (CRP_SD) and symmetry index(SI) were calculated. In able bodies, there were no differences of the parameters between left and right limb(all p>0.05). However, significant differences between sound and prosthetic limb in most of the parameters, except for CRP for stance phase were shown (all p<0.05). There were differences in all SI between transfemoral amputees and able bodies (p<0.05). In conclusion, joint coordination was altered in transfemoral amputee during level walking and shown in interlimb asymmetry.
Continuos Relative Phase;Intralimb coordination;Transfemoral amputee;Symmetry Index;
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