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Evaluation of Optimal Grid Resolution for Hydrodynamic Proper Simulation
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Optimal Grid Resolution for Hydrodynamic Proper Simulation
Ahn, Jung-Min; Park, In-Hyeok; Lyu, Si-Wan; Hur, Young-Teck;
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The effect of the grid resolution on the hydrodynamic simulation has been investigated by using CCHE2D and EFDC. Since a high resolution of the grid results in the increase of computation time, an appropriate grid resolution should be selected by considering the efficiency of simulation according to the objectives of projects. In order to understand the effect of grid resolution and determine the optimal grid resolution, several cases with different lateral grid resolutions have been simulated for the reach of Nakdong river at the confluence of Kumho river for the floods in 2006. Orthogonal curvilinear grids for the domain have been constructed from the survey products at the sections with the longitudinal interval of 20 m. Area-elevation curve and the comparison of simulated results with measured stage at the specific station have been used to check the effect of grid resolution. From the results, the existence of optimal grid resolution has been observed, which ensure both efficiency of computation and certainty of results.
CCHE2D;EFDC;Orthogonal Curvilinear Grid;Grid Resolution;Nakdong River;
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