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Methodology to Develop the Technology of Web-based Satellite Photogrammetry
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Methodology to Develop the Technology of Web-based Satellite Photogrammetry
Kim, Eui-Myoung;
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Many nations have been launched their own earth observation satellites due to much interest in space exploration. Because of this, the number of high resolution satellite are increasing day by day. With the development of web environment, general users have easy access to satellite images. The research conducted a basic study about web-based satellite photogrammetry in order to determine three dimensional coordinates easily without having profound knowledge of satellite sensor modeling. Various element technologies were analyzed to decide three dimensional coordinates by using high resolution satellite images in web environment, and case studies were conducted by using IKONOS satellite images. By applying parallel projection model, which is one of sensor modeling methods, epipolar image was created and prototype form of program that can decide three dimensional location in web environment was implemented. Through this, general users could decide three dimensional location easily in web environment and knew that already existed spatial information can be renewed and used in service area.
Earth Observation Satellite;Sensor Modeling;Satellite Photogrammetry;Parallel Projection Model;Epipolar Image;
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