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Application of LiDAR Data & High-Resolution Satellite Image for Calculate Forest Biomass
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 Title & Authors
Application of LiDAR Data & High-Resolution Satellite Image for Calculate Forest Biomass
Lee, Hyun-Jik; Ru, Ji-Ho;
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As a result of the economical loss caused by unusual climate changes resulting from emission of excessive green house gases such as carbon dioxide which is expected to account for 5~20% of the world GDP by 2100, researching technologies regarding the reduction of carbon dioxide emission is being favored worldwide as a part of the high value-added industry. As one of the Annex II countries of Kyoto Protocol of 1997 that should keep the average emission rate of 5% by 2013, South Korea is also dedicated to the researches and industries of emission reduction. In this study, Application of LiDAR data & KOMPSAT-2 satellite image for calculated forest Biomass. Raw LiDAR data's tree numbers and tree-high with field survey data resulted in 90% similarity of objects and an average of 0.3m difference in tree-high. Calculating the forest biomass through forest type information categorized as KOMPSAT-2 image and LiDAR data's tree-high data of tree enabled the estimation of absorption and forest biomass of forest type, The similarity between the field survey average of 90% or higher were analyzed.
LiDAR data;High-Resoultuon Satellite Image;Forest Biomass;
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