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Study on MEMS based IMU & GPS Performance in Urban Area for Light-Weighted Mobile Mapping Systems
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 Title & Authors
Study on MEMS based IMU & GPS Performance in Urban Area for Light-Weighted Mobile Mapping Systems
Woo, Hee-Sook; Kwon, Kwang-Seok; Kim, Byung-Guk;
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With the development of MEMS, small and low-priced sensors integrating IMU and GPS have produced and exploited for diverse field. In this research, we have judged that MEMS-based IMU/GPS sensor is suitable for light-weighted mobile mapping system and carried out experiments to analyze the characteristics of MTi-G, which was developed from XSens company. From a sensor which fixed to dashboard, coordinates results with no post-processing were achieved for test area. On the whole, the results show satisfactory performances but some errors also were discovered from parts of the road due to sensor properties, XKF characteristics and GPS reception environment. We could confirm the potential of light-weighted mobile mapping system. Experiments considering various GPS reception environments and road condition and more detailed level of accuracy analysis will be performed for further research.
Lightweight;MEMS IMU/GPS;Mobile Mapping System;
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