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Vicarious Radiometric Calibration of RapidEye Satellite Image Using CASI Hyperspectral Data
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 Title & Authors
Vicarious Radiometric Calibration of RapidEye Satellite Image Using CASI Hyperspectral Data
Chang, An Jin; Choi, Jae Wan; Song, Ah Ram; Kim, Ye Ji; Jung, Jin Ha;
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All kinds of objects on the ground have inherent spectral reflectance curves, which can be used to classify the ground objects and to detect the target. Remotely sensed data have to be transferred to spectral reflectance for accurate analysis. There are formula methods provided by the institution, mathematical model method and ground-data-based method. In this study, RapidEye satellite image was converted to reflectance data using spectral reflectance of a CASI hyperspectral image by using vicarious radiometric calibration. The results were compared with those of the other calibration methods and ground data. The proposed method was closer to the ground data than ATCOR and New Kurucz 2005 method and equal with ELM method.
Radiometric Calibration;Vicarious Calibration;Cross Calibration;
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