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3D Visualization Techniques for Volcanic Ash Dispersion Prediction Results
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 Title & Authors
3D Visualization Techniques for Volcanic Ash Dispersion Prediction Results
Youn, Jun Hee; Kim, Ho Woong; Kim, Sang Min; Kim, Tae Hoon;
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Korea has been known as volcanic disaster free area. However, recent surveying result shows that Baekdu mountain located in northernmost in the Korean peninsula is not a dormant volcano anymore. When Baekdu mountain is erupting, various damages due to the volcanic ash are expected in South Korea area. Especially, volcanic ash in the air may cause big aviation accident because it can hurt engine or gauges in the airplane. Therefore, it is a crucial issue to interrupt airplane navigation, whose route is overlapped with volcanic ash, after predicting three dimensional dispersion of volcanic ash. In this paper, we deals with 3D visualization techniques for volcanic ash dispersion prediction results. First, we introduce the data acquisition of the volcanic ash dispersion prediction. Dispersion prediction data is obtained from Fall3D model, which is volcanic ash dispersion simulation program. Next, three 3D visualization techniques for volcanic ash dispersion prediction are proposed. Firstly proposed technique is so called `Cube in the Air`, which locates the semitransparent cubes having different color depends on its particle concentration. Second technique is a `Cube in the Cube` which divide the cube in proportion to particle concentration and locates the small cubes. Last technique is `Semitransparent Volcanic Ash Plane`, which laminates the layer, whose grids present the particle concentration, and apply the semitransparent effect. Based on the proposed techniques, the user could 3D visualize the volcanic ash dispersion prediction results upon his own purposes.
Baekdu Mountain;Volcanic Disaster;Volcanic Ash;Dispersion Prediction;3D Visualization;
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