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Geophysical Imaging of Alluvial Water Table and the underlying Layers of Weathered and Soft Rocks
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  • Journal title : The Journal of Engineering Geology
  • Volume 25, Issue 3,  2015, pp.349-356
  • Publisher : The Korea Society of Engineering Gelolgy
  • DOI : 10.9720/kseg.2015.3.349
 Title & Authors
Geophysical Imaging of Alluvial Water Table and the underlying Layers of Weathered and Soft Rocks
Ju, Hyeon-Tae; Lee, Chul-Hee; Kim, Ji-Soo;
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Although geophysical methods are useful and generally provide valuable information about the subsurface, it is important to recognize their limitations. A common limitation is the lack of sufficient contrast in physical properties between different layers. Thus, multiple methods are commonly used to best constrain the physical properties of different layers and interpret each section individually. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and shallow seismic reflection (SSR) methods, used for shallow and very shallow subsurface imaging, respond to dielectric and velocity contrasts between layers, respectively. In this study, we merged GPR and SSR data from a test site within the Cheongui granitic mass, where the water table is ~3 m deep all year. We interpreted the data in combination with field observations and existing data from drill cores and well logs. GPR and SSR reflections from the tops of the sand layer, water table, and weathered and soft rocks are successfully mapped in a single section, and they correlate well with electrical resistivity data and SPS (suspension PS) well-logging profiles. In addition, subsurface interfaces in the integrated section correlate well with S-wave velocity structures from multi-channel analysis shear wave (MASW) data, a method that was recently developed to enhance lateral resolution on the basis of CMP (common midpoint) cross-correlation (CMPCC) analysis.
dielectric interface;velocity interface;MASW;CMP cross-correlation;
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