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Measurements of Streambed Hydraulic Conductivity Using Drive-point Piezometers and Seepage Meters in the Upper Reaches of Anseong Stream
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  • Journal title : The Journal of Engineering Geology
  • Volume 25, Issue 3,  2015, pp.413-420
  • Publisher : The Korea Society of Engineering Gelolgy
  • DOI : 10.9720/kseg.2015.3.413
 Title & Authors
Measurements of Streambed Hydraulic Conductivity Using Drive-point Piezometers and Seepage Meters in the Upper Reaches of Anseong Stream
Lee, Jeongwoo; Chun, Seon Geum; Yi, Myeong Jae; Kim, Nam Won; Chung, Il-Moon; Lee, Min Ho;
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Streambed hydraulic conductivity along the upper reaches of the Gongdo stage of Anseong Stream was estimated through measurements of stream-aquifer exchange rates (using a seepage meter) and vertical hydraulic gradients (using a manually driven piezometer). From the measured data, it was found out that the stream-aquifer exchange rates varied from -1.55 × 10-6 to 1.77 × 10-5 m/s, the corresponding vertical hydraulic gradient varied from -0.122 to 0.030, and the values of the streambed vertical hydraulic conductivity were estimated from 1.77 × 10-5 to 1.97 × 10-3 m/s, with variations representing local differences. The results are within the general range of streambed hydraulic conductivity values suggested by Calver (2001) and are slightly higher than values previously measured at other stream sites in Korea. The combined use of a drive-point piezometer and seepage meter (both constructed of high-strength stainless steel) is expected to be of practical use in the estimation of streambed hydraulic conductance, given the durability and portability of the instruments.
stream-aquifer exchange;piezometer;seepage meter;
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