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Artificial Accelerated Weathering of Volcanic Rocks from Ulleungdo Island
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  • Journal title : The Journal of Engineering Geology
  • Volume 25, Issue 4,  2015, pp.499-510
  • Publisher : The Korea Society of Engineering Gelolgy
  • DOI : 10.9720/kseg.2015.4.499
 Title & Authors
Artificial Accelerated Weathering of Volcanic Rocks from Ulleungdo Island
Woo, Ik;
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Artificial accelerated weathering test evaluated rocks from near the circuit road of Ulleungdo island, approximately 120 km from east of the Korean Peninsula. The tests subjected rock specimens to conditions based on the climate of the island. The specimens (such as basaltic breccia, trachyte, volcanic breccia) were preliminarily classified using a TAS diagram (XRF data) and based on the constituent minerals (XRD data); they were further classified by weathering degree according to their absorption ratios. During the artificial accelerated weathering, the absorption ratio of most of the specimens increased, but the point-load strength did not decrease in most cases, except for the volcanic breccia. The greater initial absorption ratio of trachyte rock specimen in comparison with the other specimens led to a greater increase of its absorption ratio during the artificial accelerated weathering test. The volcanic breccia specimens showed the greatest increase of absorption ratio and the biggest reduction ratio of the point- load strength during the tests. These results could aid prediction of the weathering rate of rocks in Ulleungdo island subjected to weathering processes; trachyte which appears to accelerate with time, and volcanic breccia whose mechanical strength can largely decrease in a relative short period of time. Proper measures therefore appear necessary for the prevention of natural disaster such as rock fall and landslide around the circuit road.
Ulleungdo island;trachyte;volcanic breccia;basaltic breccia;artificial accelerated weathering tests;absorption ratio;point-load strength;
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