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Atomic Resolution Imaging of Rotated Bilayer Graphene Sheets Using a Low kV Aberration-corrected Transmission Electron Microscope
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  • Journal title : Applied Microscopy
  • Volume 42, Issue 4,  2012, pp.218-222
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Electron Microscopy
  • DOI : 10.9729/AM.2012.42.4.218
 Title & Authors
Atomic Resolution Imaging of Rotated Bilayer Graphene Sheets Using a Low kV Aberration-corrected Transmission Electron Microscope
Ryu, Gyeong Hee; Park, Hyo Ju; Kim, Na Yeon; Lee, Zonghoon;
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Modern aberration-corrected transmission electron microscope (TEM) with appropriate electron beam energy is able to achieve atomic resolution imaging of single and bilayer graphene sheets. Especially, atomic configuration of bilayer graphene with a rotation angle can be identified from the direct imaging and phase reconstructed imaging since atomic resolution Moir pattern can be obtained successfully at atomic scale using an aberration-corrected TEM. This study boosts a reliable stacking order analysis, which is required for synthesized or artificially prepared multilayer graphene, and lets graphene researchers utilize the information of atomic configuration of stacked graphene layers readily.
Bilayer graphene;Aberration-corrected TEM imaging;Atomic resolution;Low kV imaging;Simulation;
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