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Microstructural Evolution of X20CrMoV12.1 Steel upon Short-term Creep Rupture Test
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  • Journal title : Applied Microscopy
  • Volume 43, Issue 4,  2013, pp.164-172
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Electron Microscopy
  • DOI : 10.9729/AM.2013.43.4.164
 Title & Authors
Microstructural Evolution of X20CrMoV12.1 Steel upon Short-term Creep Rupture Test
Hino, Mariko; He, Yinsheng; Li, Kejian; Chang, Jungchel; Shin, Keesam;
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In this work, microstructural and hardness evolution of the X20 steel upon short-term creep test ( to , to 60 MPa) was studied by using scanning electron microscope, electron backscattered diffraction, and transmission electron microscope, microhardness tester. After creep rupture, gauge and grip part of the specimens were microstructurally analyzed. Creep at the /60 MPa resulted in a rupture at 1,460 hours with growth of lath width from 1.31 to and a grain growth with a more equiaxed feature. There is a close relationship between Microhardness and lath width. The formation and coarsening of Laves phase, which was observed up to of creep temperature, was accelerated by the applied stress. Slight coarsening of the was observed in the and crept or aged specimens. The coarsening of depended on the temperature, where specimens crept at showed higher growth rate. The microstructural evolution of X20 after short-term creep test was extensively discussed in relation to the long-term creep/aging test reported in literatures.
12% Cr;Creep;Microstructure;Laves phase;Microscopy;
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