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Synthesis of Amorphous Matrix Nano-composite in Al-Cu-Mg Alloy
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  • Journal title : Applied Microscopy
  • Volume 44, Issue 3,  2014, pp.105-109
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Electron Microscopy
  • DOI : 10.9729/AM.2014.44.3.105
 Title & Authors
Synthesis of Amorphous Matrix Nano-composite in Al-Cu-Mg Alloy
Kim, Kang Cheol; Park, Sung Hyun; Na, Min Young; Kim, Won Tae; Kim, Do Hyang;
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The microstructure of as-quenched alloy has been investigated in detail using transmission electron microscopy. Al nano-crystals about 5 nm with a high density are distributed in the amorphous matrix, indicating amorphous matrix nano-composite can be synthesized in Al-Cu-Mg alloy. The high density of Al nano-crystals indicates very high nucleation rate and sluggish growth rate during crystallization possibly due to limited diffusion rate of solute atoms of Cu and Mg during solute partitioning. The result of hardness measurement shows that the mechanical properties can be improved by designing a nano-composite structure where nanometer scale crystals are embedded in the amorphous matrix.
Metallic glass;Nano composite;Crystallization;
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