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ITO Nanowires-embedded Transparent Metal-oxide Semiconductor Photoelectric Devices
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 Title & Authors
ITO Nanowires-embedded Transparent Metal-oxide Semiconductor Photoelectric Devices
Kim, Hyunki; Kim, Hong-Sik; Patel, Malkeshkumar; Kim, Joondong;
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Highly optical transparent photoelectric devices were realized by using a transparent metal-oxide semiconductor heterojunction of p-type NiO and n-type ZnO. A functional template of ITO nanowires (NWs) was applied to this transparent heterojunction device to enlarge the light-reactive surface. The ITO NWs/n-ZnO/p-NiO heterojunction device provided a significant high rectification ratio of 275 with a considerably low reverse saturation current of 0.2 nA. The optical transparency was about 80% for visible wavelengths, however showed an excellent blocking UV light. The nanostructured transparent heterojunction devices were applied for UV photodetectors to show ultra fast photoresponses with a rise time of 8.3 mS and a fall time of 20 ms, respectively. We suggest this transparent and super-performing UV responser can practically applied in transparent electronics and smart window applications.
Transparent photoelectric devices;ITO nanowires;NiO;ZnO;Heterojunction;
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NiO 기반의 투명 금속 산화물 반도체 광전소자,반동균;박왕희;은승완;김준동;

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SnS 기반의 고성능 투명 UV 광검출기,박왕희;반동균;김현기;김홍식;;유정희;김준동;

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