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Development of Ag Nanowire Patterning Process Using Sacrificial Layer
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 Title & Authors
Development of Ag Nanowire Patterning Process Using Sacrificial Layer
Ha, Bonhee; Jo, Sungjin;
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We developed a Ag nanowire patterning technique using a water-soluble sacrificial layer. To form a water-soluble sacrificial layer, germanium was deposited on the substrate and then water-soluble germanium oxide was simply formed by thermal oxidation of germanium using a conventional furnace. The formation of Ag nanowire patterns with various line and space arrangements was successfully demonstrated using this patterning process. The main advantage of this patterning technique is that it does not use a strong acid etchant, thereby preventing damage to the Ag nanowire during the patterning process.
Ag nanowire;Sacrificial layer;Germanium oxide;SU-8;
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