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A Study of the Surface Wave Propagation on the Various Types of Grounds
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A Study of the Surface Wave Propagation on the Various Types of Grounds
Park, Minseo; Lee, Jeong-Hae;
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In this paper, the surface wave that caused the isolation problem when the design of the array antenna is studied. The grounded dielectric slab model is used in order to simulate in the similar environment with the surface wave of the microstrip patch antenna. The propagation of the surface wave on the various types of grounds which are defected ground structure(DGS), perfect magnetic conductor(PMC), Soft-surface, and Hard-surface is simulated. As a result, 25 % power is blocked by the DGS when the TM-wave incident. Also, 95 % power is blocked by the PMC and Soft-surface. This study will be very useful to increase the gain of an array antenna by improving the isolation between the antenna elements.
Array Antenna;Surface Wave;Defected Ground Structure(DGS);Perfect Magnetic Conductor(PMC);Soft Surface;Hard Surface;
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격리도 향상을 통한 배열안테나의 성능개선 연구,박민서;이재곤;이정해;

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