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Calculation of Radar Echo Signal above Spherical Earth and Its Experimental Validation
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 Title & Authors
Calculation of Radar Echo Signal above Spherical Earth and Its Experimental Validation
Koh, Il-Suek; Kwon, Sewoong; Lee, Jong-hyun; Lee, Kiwon; Sun, Woong;
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When a target locates at low altitude over a curved earth surface and far away from a radar, we examine the accuracy of the conventional formulations to compute the radar echo signal. The 4-ray model is used to calculate the scattering by the target to consider the ground plane effect. In this paper, the diffracted wave is not included. Based on the required parameters able to be calculated by known equations for the estimation of the wave propagation phenomena, the radar echo signal is computed and verified by comparing with measured data sets.
Radar Echo Signal;Spherical Earth;4-Ray Model;
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