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Study on Pattern Synthesis of Conformal Phased Array Antenna
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 Title & Authors
Study on Pattern Synthesis of Conformal Phased Array Antenna
Park, Dong-Chul; Kwon, Oh-Hyuk; Ryu, Hong-Kyun; Lee, Kyu-Song;
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This paper describes the pattern synthesis method of two kinds of conformal array antenna using the Enhanced Adaptive Genetic Algorithm (EAGA). One is the conformal array antenna on a curved cylindrical metallic surface with quadratic function, and the other is the 18-element conformal arrary antenna on a metallic surface obtained by the rotation of a quadratic function curve around the axis. The active element pattern is utilized in the pattern synthesis. Especially for the case of the rotated-type conformal array antenna the transformed active element pattern obtained from the Euler`s angle rotation of the active element pattern of the planar concentric array is utilized, which reduces the synthesis time a lot. To verify the validity of the proposed synthesis method the MATLAB results are compared with the MWS results. Furthermore, for the case of conformal array antenna the measured results are compared with the MATLAB synthesized results.
Enhanced Adaptive Genetic Algorithm;Conformal Array Antenna;Pattern Synthesis;Active Element Pattern;
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