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Broadband Double-Cone Antennas for Measuring Partial Discharge
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 Title & Authors
Broadband Double-Cone Antennas for Measuring Partial Discharge
Jang, Seung-Hoon; Choi, Beom-jin; Lim, Dong-Young; Kim, Ki-Chai;
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This paper presents the characteristics of broadband double-cone antennas. The antenna is used to measure electromagnetic fields(2~5 GHz) radiated from a primary or a secondary electrode of a pole-transformer when partial discharge occurs inside the pole-transformer. The theoretical analysis is conducted using commercial software based on a finite difference time domain(FDTD) method. The parameters are a radius, and a height of the broadband double-cone antennas, and the number of posts on a ground plane. This paper examines influences of structural parameters of the broadband double-cone antennas on return loss. The results show that a condition for an optimum structure of broadband double-cone antennas exists. It also shows that the broadband double-cone antennas have radiation patterns similar to those of a dipole antenna. Therefore the broadband double-cone antennas are appropriate for the measurement of radiated electromagnetic fields from the pole-transformer. To verify the theoretical analysis, computed results are compared to experimental results.
Discharge;Broadband Antenna;Double-Cone;Return Loss;Radiation Pattern;
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