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Analysis of Electrical Characteristics of Interdigital Capacitor with Graphenes
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Electrical Characteristics of Interdigital Capacitor with Graphenes
Lee, Hee-Jo;
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In this paper, the electrical characteristics of interdigital capacitor with single-layer and multi-layer graphene were compared and analyzed in the microwave region. In equivalent circuit, a capacitor coupled with graphene showed the clear difference in electrical components such as resistance, inductance, and capacitance. In particular, for the capacitor with single-layer graphene, additional inductance and resistance occurred and the electrode resistance was also increased. Meanwhile, the self-resonance frequency of capacitor was shifted toward lower frequency region and its transmitted characteristic was considerably improved at frequency ranging from 0.4 to 4 GHz. The electrical characteristics of the capacitor with multi-layer graphene were somewhat different than the bare capacitor. In conclusion, we could confirm that single-layer graphene greatly influenced the electrical characteristics and performances of interdigital capacitor compared to multi-layer graphene.
Graphene;Interdigital Capacitor;Self-Resonance Frequency;S-Parameter;
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