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PAPR Evaluation and Analysis of Candidate Waveforms Using DFT Spreading for 5G Mobile Communications
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 Title & Authors
PAPR Evaluation and Analysis of Candidate Waveforms Using DFT Spreading for 5G Mobile Communications
An, Changyoung; Ryu, Heung-Gyoon;
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UFMC(Universal-Filtered Multi-carrier) and FBMC(Filter Bank Multi-carrier) system are receiving attention as candidate waveforms for 5G mobile communication system. But, these systems have high PAPR(Peak to Average Power Ratio) problem because these systems use a number of subcarrier. In this paper, we propose DFT(Discrete Fourier Transform) spreading based DFT-s(spreading)-UFMC system and DFT-s-FBMC system in order to overcome the PAPR drawback. In order to evaluate PAPR performance of the proposed systems, we design and simulate OFDM(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), UFMC, FBMC, DFT-s-OFDM, DFT-s-UFMC, DFT-s-FBMC system. As simulation results, each PAPR performance of DFT-s-OFDM system, DFT-s-UFMC system, and DFT-s-FBMC system rise by 2.7 dB, 2.8 dB, and 1.1 dB respectively by DFT spreading technique.
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새로운 DFT 확산 필터뱅크 기반 다중 캐리어 전송 기법,라동준;최권휴;

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