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An Algorithm for De-Interleaving of Wobble and Sinusoidal PRIs for Unidentified Radar Signals
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An Algorithm for De-Interleaving of Wobble and Sinusoidal PRIs for Unidentified Radar Signals
Lee, Yongsik; Lim, Joongsoo; Lim, Jaesung;
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In this paper, we propose an algorithm to identify Wobble PRI and Sinusoidal PRI among Radar pulses. We applied not only the DTOA(Difference Time Of Arrival) concept of radar pulse signals incoming to antennas but also a rising and falling cub characteristic of those PRIs. After making a program by such algorithm, we input each 40 data to Wobble PRI`s and Sinusoidal PRI`s identification programs and in result, those programs fully processed the data the according to expectations. In the future, those programs can be applied to the ESM, ELINT system.
PRI(Pulse Repetition Interval);Wobble PRI;Sinusoidal PRI;De-Interleaving;PDW(Pulse Description Word);
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우수한 전자 보호 기능을 가진 미상 레이더 펄스의 상/하 슬라이딩 PRI 식별 알고리즘,이용식;김진수;김의규;임재성;

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유한 상태 머신 기반 레이더 신호의 펄스 반복 주기 검출 알고리즘,박상환;주영관;김관태;전중남;

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