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A Reconfigurable Multiband FMCW Radar for Multipurpose Application
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 Title & Authors
A Reconfigurable Multiband FMCW Radar for Multipurpose Application
Kim, Byungjoon; Koo, Jong-seop; Kim, Duksoo; Nam, Sangwook;
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Recently, there have been advancements in radar related material technology, circuit design techniques and architecture design techniques. These have led to developments in radars` performance while decreasing the costs. Many studies have been carried out to apply radars to multipurpose application. In this study, a reconfigurable S-/X- band radar structure for multipurpose application is proposed and implemented. This radar measures a target for 10 times from 2 m to 6 m range with 0.25 m distance step. The measured results show that this radar has 26.40 cm maximum range error, 5.63 cm average range error, and 0.24 cm range error variance at S-band while it has 8.53 cm maximum range error, 2.52 cm average range error, and 0.04 cm range error variance at X-band.
FMCW;Multiband;Multipurpose Application;Reconfigurable;
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다중 대역폭을 갖는 FMCW 레이다 송수신기 설계 및 제작,황지환;김승희;강기묵;김덕진;

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