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EMI Problem and Solutions of Unusual Harmonics in Low-Speed PCB
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EMI Problem and Solutions of Unusual Harmonics in Low-Speed PCB
Kim, Chan-Su; Lee, Hai-Young;
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In this paper, unusual harmonics noise problem of digital electronic products in mass production was introduced and a practical solution was proposed. Generally, 5th or higher harmonics noise level has been ignored in circuit designs because over 5th harmonics noise decreases by 40 (dB/decade). Through some measurements, it is confirmed that over 10th harmonics noise can propagate and radiate in case of a certain PCB or housing conditions. We propose a capacitively loaded micro-strip low pass filter for commercial products having spatial design constraints and measured the effectiveness. The proposed structure can solve both of the continual increment of harmonics noise level and the spatial design constraint of commercial products. We expect the proposed method be effectively used for various digital electronic products.
EMC(Electromagnetic Compatibility);EMI(Electromagnetic Interference);LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System);Harmonics;GHz(Gigahertz);
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확산 스펙트럼 생성기를 이용한 적외선 카메라의 방사노이즈 저감에 관한 연구,최봉준;이용춘;윤주현;김은준;

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