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Bistatic ISAR Imaging with UWB Radar Employing Motion Compensation for Time-Frequency Transform
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 Title & Authors
Bistatic ISAR Imaging with UWB Radar Employing Motion Compensation for Time-Frequency Transform
Jang, Moon-Kwang; Cho, Choon-Sik;
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In this paper, we improved the clarity and quality of the radar imaging by applying motion compensation for time-frequency transform in B-ISAR imaging. The proposed motion compensation algorithm using UWB radar is verified. B-ISAR algorithm procedure and time-frequency transform for improved motion compensation are provided for theoretical ground. The image was created by a UWB Radar B-ISAR imaging algorithm method. Also, creating a B-ISAR imaging algorithm for motion compensation of time-frequency transformation method was used. The B-ISAR Imaging algorithm is implemented using STFT(Short-Time Fourier Transform), GWT(Gabor Wavelet Transform), and WVD(Wigner-Ville Distribution) approaches. The performance of STFT is compared with the GWT and WVD algorithms. It is found that the WVD image shows more clarity and decreased spread phenomenon than other methods.
Bistatic ISAR;UWB Radar;WVD;Gabor Wavelet Transform;Radar Imaging;
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