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Flexible Microfluidic Metamaterial Absorber for Remote Chemical Sensor Application
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 Title & Authors
Flexible Microfluidic Metamaterial Absorber for Remote Chemical Sensor Application
Kim, Hyung Ki; Lim, Sungjoon;
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In this paper, a novel flexible microfluidic metamaterial absorber is proposed for remote chemical sensor applications. The proposed metamaterial absorber consists of a periodic of split-ring-cross resonators(SRCRs) and a microfluidic channel. The SRCR patterns are inkjet-printed using silver nanoparticle inks on paper. The microfluidic channels are laser-etched on polydimethylsiloxane(PDMS) material. The proposed absorber can detect change of the effective permittivity at different liquids. Therefore, the absorber can be used for a remote chemical sensor by detecting change of the resonant frequencies. The performance of the proposed absorber is demonstrated with full-wave simulation and measurement results. The experimental results shows that the resonant frequency is 10.49 GHz at the empty channel. When ethanol and DI-water are injected into the channel, the resonant frequencies are 10.04 GHz and 8.9 GHz, respectively.
Metamaterial Absorber;Frequency-Tunable Absorber;Microfluidics;Chemical Sensor;Split Ring Cross Resonator(SRCR);
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