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Design of Dual-Polarized Monopulse Cassegrain Antenna for W-Band Millimeter-Wave Seeker
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 Title & Authors
Design of Dual-Polarized Monopulse Cassegrain Antenna for W-Band Millimeter-Wave Seeker
Lee, Kook Joo; Jung, Chae-Hyun; Baek, Jong-Gyun; Park, Chang-Hyun; Nam, Sangwook;
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In this paper, dual-polarized monopulse cassegrain antenna for W-band millimeter-wave seeker was proposed and the performances were verified by the measured results of the fabricated antenna. Dual-polarized monopulse Cassegrain antenna consists of main/subreflector, dual-polarized feed horn and monopulse comparator. The proposed feed horn has array square waveguide feeding structure to make monopulse signals and it was designed using 90 degree rotational symmetric structure to receive dual-polarized signals. At the sum and difference channel, the measured vertical and horizontal polarization radiation pattern were similar. Measurement gains are 35.1 dBi for v-pol. and 35.6 dBi for h-pol. at the center frequency with 0.5dBi difference between each polarization and the side lobe level is below -21.6 dB.
Cassegrain Antenna;Monopulse;Dual Polarization;Feed Horn;
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